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How To Find What You’re Looking For Within


A bullshit neighbor lent me a book on joy

Something something The Secret To Happiness And Success

And then he asked what connections I have for him to use

The universe doesn’t care about my feelings

I wish I could be more like the universe

I anticipate death like a distant wedding

They will serve hors d'oeuvres at the funeral of dreams

Ghosts in bowties delivering shrimp pâté

Your father takes a wrong turn and drives off the mountain 

There is no one to lead you to your grave

We’re always so far away

I want to deny the universe

I’m resting my feet on the book on joy

What fine elevation

Deja 4.jpg

- Deja Samuel

Claire Denson.png

Claire Denson’s work appears or is forthcoming in Massachusetts Review, Booth, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, and Hobart, among others. She reads for The Adroit Journal and holds a BA from University of Michigan and an MFA from UNCG, where she served on the editorial staff for The Greensboro Review. You can find her at

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