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"Over the Charles River Esplande; Boston, MA" - J. Finley

filming the moon landing

I man my spot, stage right, my thousand-watt lamp

ready for ignition, crosshairs pointed smack


at Buzz’s empty boots. Kubrick’s late,

as usual, but I’m used to waiting on the benches.


The crew breaks for weak coffee and gossip. Loudmouths

saying the Soviets landed back in ‘59.

That there’s five dead Cosmos up there already. Am I supposed

to believe? Conspire and commiserate?


How much further do these guys need to go

to prove who owns the world? Burbank’s enough


for me. How can we land a man on the moon—

with all Disney’s money we can’t chase down a deadline


or keep the coffee hot. But still. When my spotlight hits

the unmanned lunar module sitting there I forget


how to breathe. It’s a bird drained of blood,

some pale crouching beast of tranquility.

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Aaron Brame has lived in Memphis, Tennessee almost his whole life. He plays a Hammond organ that he sometimes turns up late at night & rattles his windows trying to sound like Booker T. He coached a junior high baseball team at the school where Frank Stanford went to fifth grade, & now teaches eighth grade a few miles from the Mississippi state line. 


J. Finley is a nature photographer, new writer, & recovering corporate marketer. He is based in the greater Boston, MA area & is available for collaborative projects. You can find more of his work & contact info at

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