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We are always looking for help!

  1. You'd be helping read & edit unsolicited poetry submissions 

  2. You'd be able to solicit work in collaboration with the other editors.

  3. Time commitment depends on the number of submissions each cycle, but expect to spend a couple hours each week reading/helping update the database. 

  4. If you have any experience with social media/marketing, Canva, &/or are willing to learn how to use these tools, this would also be helpful.

  5. Have other skills/ideas you think would be an asset to our team? Reach out! We'd love to chat!

To apply please send the following:

  • A  bio/resume. No need for all that formalized stuff. Tell us who you are & what your background is, but also we want to get to know you. Be creative & personal!

  • A list of several writers you think would jive well with Juke Joint (your list can include those you might like to solicit in the future).

  • Tell us something funky about yourself! Why would you like to join our team?

Send your resume & response to

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