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Ways I Have Been Born


I. Pulled from the pistil of a black iris,

stem jerked from root and river,

feet folded backwards. My momma

took what the water gave her and I cried 

cause I was sorry that was me. 


II. Somewhere in Tennessee,

Loretta sang, all while looking me in the eye: 

I ain't gonna wash no windows. I ain't 

gonna scrub no floors.

I walked myself home,

stomping my boots along 

to the tune of her song. I kicked 

in the screen door. I told 

everyone it kicked back.  


III. Down in the dirt I watched

the trees gesture 

with each limb, listened

to the animals let loose

in call and response and I suck

in, push out, and wail like them:

mother-eye, mother-eye 

let me in.

Psychopomp_1 jpg.png

"Psychopomp 1" - Hollie Chastain


Adrian Sanders is a poet, mail-slinger, and lover of the southern & surreal from Upton, KY. Her work has appeared in GASHER, Indiana Review Online, Jelly Bucket, and others. When she's not writing, you can find her gazing out of her second-story apartment window at the 3-in-1 tanning salon/movie rental/pizza joint across the street. Follow her on Twitter @adrianbreanna.

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