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The wreaths were removed
from the rectory doors, and left
fist-rubbed, morning eyes
after a makeup cry. Every time I drive
past the place, I pause to pull
over but it feels too rude to. Hey,
you look sad
, or, I’m sorry she
was late
. I’d reprimand the man
who let sap and resin ruin you.
Maybe he’ll, embarrassed,
loose you from your
hinges, leave you
on the curb, so I can stop,
put you in my truck and take you
home to seal you and see you set
for festive, family dinners, where
no one minds the stains.


I want to
ask you
to neatly
fold me
up in flour,
egg and water,
and carefully
the edges.
Would it be
too much to

SolidState jpg.png

"Solid State" - Hollie Chastain


Adriana practices poetry to stay oriented – in time and space. It's the very best way she knows to know where and when she is. Currently, she's somewhere between Fall and Winter in the Hudson Valley of NY. She is a non-fiction Literary Agent, content consultant, mother and ever-aspiring poet. Her poetry has most recently been published in The Santa Clara Review and High Shelf Press.


Hollie Chastain is an artist living and working in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Following studies in both fine art and business she spent several years in marketing and graphic design before returning to the studio to launch a career as an artist and illustrator. Hollie uses mainly paper, mixing found images with modern colors and compositions to create work full of originality and narrative.  Influenced by her love for found ephemera, she has become best known for her works created on the covers from vintage, tossed-aside books letting the scribbles, stamps and history found there contribute to the composition. She works in her Chattanooga studio as both a gallery artist and illustrator. Her first book, If You Can Cut You Can Collage was released in November 2017 through Quarto Publishing.

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