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Broad Shoulders



toasted nori

baby bok choy

following a fresh clash

evacuation hood

terrorists in Carhart

promise me, dad

that you denounce

those work boots

on Madame Speaker’s desk—tell me

Eugene Williams stoned, drowned

to death at 29th Street Beach

but all I ever knew was the Mrs. O’Leary song

round things—

woolen dryer balls—

& gravity

hiss pop iron skillet garbanzos

mi wi-fi es tu wi-fi

knowing now as we do

the habits of wild birds

it’s not exactly


whatever lies

under this bluff

Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah in Hobby Lobby—

where are we going with this

migration of passwords

last of paper things


how does the crow find bread in the yard



broth of bones

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Anne Marie Holwerda Warner is a Chicago carpenter's daughter perched in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Her poetry has been published in Last Stanza Poetry Journal, Indefinite Space, The Bitchin' Kitsch, Global Poemic, Harbinger Asylum, Impossible Task, Moonchild, Ghost City Review, Q/A Poetry, Earth & Altar and The Hour. 

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