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Curses And Hallelujahs

d lord woke from a pow’ful sleep
his mouf b tongue-tied wit wicked words
words fur to make d devil hisself gargle wit bitin’ fluids

d lord b done dreamed he a womanlord
wit all duh womanparts dat goes where
day belonged on his/her frame

oh how did all d men dat d womanlord did encounter
lay day searchin’ eyes upon his/her pulchrituded parts

one upon de udder, day fed day hongry, salacious eyes,
‘till it jes made expletivity fill his/her heart and mouf

he/she cursed dere mommas as unfit fo’ pig slop an
day papas as eunuch swineheards fo’ keepin’ ‘em

he/she cursed day chillin born and unborn
as bein’ unnatchelly delivered out de back o’ day momma’s rind

and he/she cursed a hex on all mens dat day neva would find love
if day didn’t change day waze an learn how ta stop actin’ lak damn fools

a proclamation went out
but d lord woke up befo’ it could b red an ratified

so he jes licked his lips, rolled ova an let d ol’ world b
da way it b wit dees troublesome folks killin’ each udder
an’ d earth whiles day at it

he was tired an’ retired

“day on day own far as I’s concerned”


Dig Wayne grew up in Ohio. He has lived and worked in New York City and London. He now lives in Los Angles. He has been a poet and photographer as long as he can remember. His poetry has been featured in the literary journals, Askew, Spillway and others.  Dig has two self-published poetry and photography books. Hip Pockets and Bongo Skin. The only god he recognizes is Thelonious Monk. As Monk states: “There ain’t no wrong notes on the piano.” Dig teaches Method Acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in West Hollywood. 

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