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Death of a Boy

I can remember the first time you killed a man.

You could recount the arch
Of his plane,
The way it dove for death

As if he needed it.

I can remember what you did after.

For hours you wept
And smoked
As if the weight of what you’d done

Would leave you.

I can remember the way you shook that night.

You moaned a name
Unknown to you
As if knowing him

Made him live.

I can remember how you punished yourself.

The arch of your plane
As it dove for death
But you escaped just in time

To earn the burn over your eye.

I can remember the way you smiled

As you phoned your father
And told him
Your feminine hands

Were finally a man’s.

I can remember the shame in your voice

As you cried to your mother
And told her
"I’m a monster, Mimmy,

I’ve killed a boy."


"Haunting" - Elouise Reine


Elouise Reine, is a little lost writer still searching for whatever part of herself is missing. She swears she was a World War 2 pilot in a past life, but now she's a Grad Student going for her Master's in Creative Writing. She is swollen with empathy, and her main goal in her writing is to bring about the humanity we so often forget to include in war. 

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