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bumble bee in paradise

Lil Bumble Bee in Paradise enjoying his domain and endless nectar, his whole world. He enjoys the nectar, and all his hopes and dreams are becoming one of the beautiful flowers he gorges himself on every day. He’s had many a brotha and sista bumble bees making the transition to become beautiful flowers gushing with nectar. 

One day he tells himself, I will be a flower but for now I am just another bumble bee. Sometimes it is depressing cause alls I think about is being a flower, not just any flower, but the most beautiful flower in the valley, Nectar Valley. Well to tell you the truth it's all I think about here lately. I fill my little bumble bee belly full of nectar, I tend to fall asleep, and all my dreams are about being a flower swaying in the cool breezes that fill the valley. I get into trouble at home, the honeycomb, cause I can never seem to make it back when I’m suppose to be there. Queen Bee can really be strict about the time and rules. I wish I could follow the rules. 

I've made a friend since my brothas and sistas went on to be flowers. My friend's name is Dobber. I call him DOB. He’s a squirrel. I like DOBm, but the Queen says he’s nothing but trouble, so I have to keep my friendship on the down-low; other than that, I’m just a little bumble bee with big dreams. Alls I have to do is what Queen tells me: to keep on Beelieve’N.


The day I met Dobber was a windy day in Nectar Valley, so our meeting almost didn’t happen. Me being a bumble bee it’s hard for me to buzz around, especially when the wind blows, and boy it was blowing in the valley that day. I was out and about getting my fill when out of nowhere, the flowers began to sway back and forth unlike I’ve ever experienced before. I had just planted myself on a beautiful nectar filled beauty, a Daisy. I love any nectar, but daisies are my favorite. Suddenly, I noticed a brown bush of fur. I didn’t know what it was, moving all kinds of directions. It was jumping on like it was dancing to “Jump Around”—you know the song, Jump Around.  And then it turned completely around. I saw his tail and head moving left to right, right to left, watching me like he was in a trance. I’m swaying back and forth. What’s he looking at me like that for? Is he gonna eat me? He’s thinking about it, so I gotta get away from this beast. Queen Bee warned me of birds, snakes, and bullfrogs that love eating us bees. I guess we’re sweet since all we eat is nectar. The wind blew harder. I’m moving back and forth planning my getaway, or so I think. It happened so fast. Alls I remember is hitting something big and hard. Everything’s different OH, OH I must be, must be making the transition. I’m a Flower.

“Hey man? Man wake up, you ok, you alive?” Dob says. I open my eyes and he’s towering over me, he’s gonna eat me.


“Hey man you ok? You hit that oak tree really hard. You ok.” 


“Yea I’m ok! Thanks for asking, I’m Bumble Bee.” 


“Well I’m Dobber. You can call me DOB. Nice to meet you.” 


And that’s how I met my friend Dobber the squirrel on a windy day in Nectar Valley.

James Cobb Hutto III was born in Jasper, Alabama. He's 52 years old now, and he loves everybody. 

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