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Downtown Office as Abscess

This was a      Tuesday afternoon
Visit to the       new office,

tracing a

   soft path

thru a


   of absence:

sprawling twelfth floor

prime Manhattan real estate,

drywall panels with
edges that slice thru

glass     cash     and plaster,

    a grand vacated

ritual geometry
whose hex

protects it from

    any incursion:

    moisture, pollen,
    grace, reference —

    This space is a

    dead unfixed
    future memory of the
limp handshake,
rot in the fridge,

    the day
         the last of us

     says goodbye,

    a sterile volume
        crudely extracted
           from memory,
           a sharp-framed
              avatar of


Jesse Miksic is a graphic designer and writer living in Peekskill, New York. He spends his life writing poetry, nursing unfinished projects, and having adventures with his wonderful wife and daughter.  Recent placements include Whale Road Review, Leveler Poetry, Queen Mob's Teahouse, and others.

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