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In the Kingdom of CoolTune


One bebop goes the Grandfather clock

Midnight! CinderSue hides behind a curtain.

Two bebops & Cinder’s tiara turns to crickets

Three bebops & her pearly bees buzz off

Four bebops & her dresskites take flight.

At twelve bebops she’s a wreck of lost spells

Racing down palace steps, losing a slippersong

Scooping onto a pumpkin as white mice jiveout

Fairy Godsong’s garden has run out of time.


CinderSue cradles her one crystal slippersong

Rests on her cinders & cries lots of jangles

Weeps salty bluestunes, as she recalls the one

Greatest talespin of her whole sooty life.


But the Crown Prince of CoolTune is smitten.

His servingsteps slide away on swift hipsters

Searching for his mystery maiden & soon

CinderSue’s stepugglies wriggle their toes 

But no! It’s CinderSue’s delicate arch & heel

Sliding into her crystal slippersong. Hurrah!

So the servingslides rush her off to the palace

Where the Queen of CoolTune gives her a bath

A new dress, a new hairdo, an old string of beads

& yes! The Prince of CoolTune proclaims his heart.


Then an old bluescrone wrapped all in black

Slips into the Queenrock’s imperial shack

Majesty, what have you done? she whispers

A Cinder to serve as the Princess of CoolTune?

She could give you a TinEar for an heir.


Oh weary the bleak nights for Cinder’s not fit

Only metal will do for the Kingdom of CoolTune.

So, a cellarjoint is furnished with buckets of ore

Cinder’s handed a blaster & sent down to smelt.

She swoonders & tindles ’til moles hear her sobs

& they burrow off to a dragonboasts’s lair.

He zooms to her cellar, sears Cinder with flame

& Voila! A totally rad Jazzmine appears.

Time for all belljigs to chime wedding airs

Jazzmine & her Prince juke on without fail

They rollick and romp and kick up their heels

The grooviest couple in CoolTune—ever.

Maggie Koger grew up loving southern stories in all their excellence and heartbreak. Living in the Boise Valley, she's made many friends from Arkansas and nearby regions who came here to live. Her husband's family is from Tennessee where vegetables are not cooked until they're fried. And they visit the Florida Panhandle every year to luxuriate in the sand and sea. 

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