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Babygirl, Tell Me

Babygirl, tell me

how are you depressed
and happy at the same time?

Did you forget that the sun

still do shine?


Remember the color of your skin babygirl

Now run along, hurry and

wipe those tears away.

You say you are depressed

yet I see nothing wrong.


Now get up and be on your merry way

Quit crying babygirl

I ain't fixin’ to hear it.

I said quit crying babygirl

I ain’t fixin’ to see it.

Babygirl, that’s the

world’s sin to bear.

Did you forget to pray

and give thanks for your life today?

The flowers still bloom and the sun do shine

so suck it up and quit your whinin’!

Ain’t no such thing as

being sad babygirl.

Keep on now, and you might

miss your blessin’.

Babygirl, I’m not gon’ tell you again

we don’t do that round’ here.

Go on now,

hold your head high
and tuck those tears away.

Shoulders down

arch your back
lemme see that pretty smile.

Ain’t no such thing as fear

and we sure as hell don’t cry.

Why the tears babygirl

help me understand why.

Babygirl, tell me what depression

gotta do with anything
cause’ the sun still do shine.

Remember the color of your skin babygirl

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An emerging poet, hailing from the sprightly southern city, Birmingham, NaBeela Washington works towards her Masters in Creative Writing and English at Southern New Hampshire University. She was invited to read her poetry by the Takoma Park Poetry Reading Series and is a contributor to the independent newspaper, The Somerville Times. When she's not tweaking her biscuit and mac and cheese recipes, she writes poems about her estranged father and growing up in fast food.

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