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 after Holger Czukay & David Sylvian's Plight & Premonition & Flux & Mutability 

corpses in Uzbekistan fill a landfill
somewhere in Uzbekistan,

People who need radios are in sun-absorbing ceramic graves,
gravestones made from limestone,

and tar

Epitaphs are removed so that the cemeteries can be renovated,
For Russian ghosts who need Jewish Epitaphs,

Gun-metal diffract gun sound on
broken tiles

Borneo rubbles,

a child in Libya manhandles the shrapnel on

her plastered knees,

Chiseled four and four planks lay on the roof

in Kabul, desolate

houses get bombed whether they have solar panels on their roofs or not,
orangutans, with biochemical weapons, and rifles,

Quarantined families, watch quarantined families on the news,
in their mud-houses, their villages pillaged by their mindset,

People in newsstands count through the piles of the unidentifiable,
milkshake alté children can't shake off the acculturation,

Cleopatra stirs through the rubbles in Beirut, in star-studded puddles
the ammo trucks loaded with the antigen called misery,

In the most misogynistic halls I present to you my thesis called operant conditioning,
These airplanes fly east in the morning, and west in the gloaming,

Radio transmissions, take plight as a pledge to a distant minaret,
Radiators are hot in the middle of the street in Lagos, take

Ibuprofen two in the morning, two in the middle of the night,
Take walking to school in the morning avoiding landmines as premonition,

Take the cirrus clouds of sulphur and carbon dioxide from an overheated battery plant as flux,
Malaria will walk over a village in Sudan if the climate change pleases

for Borneo, take as a plight unloaded gun in front of a schoolyard,
The hummingbird on Milverton avenue is bading flying saucers.


Rabiu Temidayo writes critical essays. He is in school of psychology, he studies art and photography. He reads for Tinderbox Journal. He published Daylight (2018) in Ghost City Press. He is published in Ploughshares, Ric Journal, Cosmopolitan Hotel, Selcouth Station, Bone and Ink etc. Twitter: @rabiutemidayo

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