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gumdrop bubbled bubba

Gumdrop is a Guinea Dragon. She is only four and a half feet long with a six inch wingspan. Gumdrop’s chameleon hair changes colors to blend to any background. That’s how she survives, but that is why she is so alone. One day, Gumdrop sneezed and blew fire from her lizard tail. Amazed and dumbfounded, Gumdrop had no idea how or why it happened. She closed her eyes to replay the moment her lizard tail spit fire. An image of the moment flashed in Gumdrop’s mind like a Polaroid picture. Gumdrop remembered sneezing before shooting fire from her tail. A gust of wind brought in some pollen from Farmer’s Fresh Flowers, which triggered her allergies. She sneezed three times, and with every sneeze, Gumdrop blew fire from her tail. While Gumdrop pondered on how to blow fire on command, she didn’t realize she was visible and a Bat-Hawk was stalking her. The Bat-Hawk focused its talons on Gumdrop’s body before swooping in. Gumdrop sneezed, and her lizard tail blew fire just in time to ward off the Bat-Hawk. Frightened by the near encounter, tear drops welded in the corner of her eyes. Gumdrop blended into the background only to become invisible to the world again. Words create worlds. Gumdrop barked from a rooftop in Delisle.

That’s it, Gumdrop thought with a smile. Eagle-Owl was right. Eagle-Owl was Gumdrop’s caretaker until she passed away. Words create worlds was something Eagle-Owl told Gumdrop every time Gumdrop was depressed. Gumdrop pulled out her magic wish wand. Closing her eyes, she wished for Bubble Bubba’s existence because she didn’t want to be alone anymore. Bubble Bubba blew into this world from a rooftop in Delisle. Bubble Bubba was the size of a tennis ball but transparent. His eyes changed colors with the weather. He glowed in the dark. He talked and sounded like Charlie Day. Bubble Bubba focused his eyes by blinking a few times. 

The night sky is lit up with fireflies, one of Gumdrop’s favorite snacks. She caught the fireflies with ease. Bubble Bubba eyes were the color of the ocean: deep midnight blue. He floated around to try to mimic what Gumdrop was doing. As soon as Bubble Bubba caught a firefly, he spit it out. With a look of dismay on his face. Gumdrop became visible so Bubble Bubba could see her. Gumdrop’s visibility made her nervous. She was afraid Bubble Bubba wouldn’t like her. Gumdrop cleared her throat to introduce herself. All she could get out was “My name is Gumdrop” before Bubble Bubba floated to her chest, and Gumdrop gave him a huge hug. During the embrace, Bubble Bubba told Gumdrop he was hungry, but he didn’t like fireflies. Gumdrop knew what Bubble Bubba would eat. It was her favorite food on the whole planet. Sour patch moon berries. Sour patch moon berries were the size of blueberries, and they tasted just like mangos and hickory bacon.

Bubble Bubba floated on top of Gumdrop’s back, snuggled between two of her horns. When Gumdrop knew Bubble Bubba was secure, she jumped off the roof and flew to Farmer’s Fresh Flowers. Gumdrop landed in the center of the sour patch moon berries for safety precautions. Bubble Bubba floated off Gumdrop’s back to explore. He couldn’t resist the smell. The aroma that exuded from the moon berries smelled like a red Starburst. Bubble Bubba stuffed his mouth with moon berries until he was full. They laid in the grass to rest. Gumdrop didn’t have to be invisible anymore because she had Bubble Bubba watching her back. Together they explored the world. Gumdrop realized over time that she was the light switch that controlled her existence. Once she became visible to the world, the world became visible to her.

Being a father is the greatest gift God ever blessed Rahim Ambrose Sr. with. He's from DeLisle, MS. It’s a small town on the Gulf Coast. One of his favorite things to do in his community is go mud riding on ATVs. His dad was murdered when he was three years old. He was raised by the man who killed his father. He's a Virgo. He was born on September 1st. He's an animal lover, and he loves good vibrations. Good energy helps him thrive in a harsh environment.

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