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Piece of Cake

it is all the more impressive when a shaky hand

manages to         cut an even
slice. take a stab at sweet things
and spread          frosting where we want
our hips               to be in spring, fresh
and rounded                     like everything
else        crumbling on our lips     before there is
time to swear off            tasting the fruits
of our own         labor, smirk,    or
tempt ourselves

     another time.


Rosella Birgy is a current junior at Coe College and because of this, most of her writing is done late at night when she should be sleeping. Her creative work can be found in Overheard Lit, X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine, The Coe Review, The Pearl, and The Claremont Review, among others. You can follow her stream of consciousness on Twitter @rose_birgy.

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