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For the Sake of Birds

the end of life                      takes


all lives                                 with it


                bathe her

                                in stone
                                             catch heart

                feed her

                                             she heals


                feed her


she sings                             she sings


a mothers achy song


& a body

              such  rot

                              the carcass


a damaged                          bird


her hands



2018-07-27 09.21.02.jpg

"Time Bleeding Through" - Larry D. Thacker

Month of Wildfire

storm is slow moving
both heat & dried out
douglas fir wait
for late sky
to singe needle & wood
this is your mind now
idle smell of smoke & sage


Sarah Schaff is an emerging writer from Boise, Idaho. Contrary to popular opinon, she does not like potatoes.

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