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i never register make & model but know
under the navy velvet belly


of southern night there's not much
space between lap & steer wheel.


mahogany perfume soaks ivory hues
sugar takes its cues from me.


wall street's bull longs to take charge while
dixie anthems power crimson's liquid rise.

what hangs from them trees        moss?
strange twin to shred plastic bags


waving down fifth avenue's sycamores.
i cup your hand under peach blouse


when together brushes blackberry
we inhale bourbon strong your whisper


drawl slow a drawn bow upper hand
—seek in quiver the notes


ask coffee mirror water powerful words
that resound difference more than skin thrust.


hungry for peace kneeling in your heart
you say strike whisper do what you desire.

"Aquarelle" - Wendy L. Decker

stephanie roberts spends her days increasing her grasp of truth by attention. Her poetry has been featured in a number of chill places including Arcturus, The Stockholm Review of Literature, Verse Daily, FLAPPERHOUSE, and The Gambler. Born in Central America, she grew up in Brooklyn, NY, and now, from a sleepy French town just outside of Montréal, she dreams of love. Twitter shenanigans @ringtales.

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