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Puppy Shoots Florida Man, Deputies Say


As if malice aforethought

could be a thought for a dog

or any thought beyond

the present moment and a loyal

tug at the leash, a wagged hello,

or the jump-spin-catch of a Frisbee.

When this shepherd puppy mix found

himself in his owner’s arms that grasped

a .38-caliber revolver, how do we know

the pup didn’t think the action

was some kind of play—

that he placed his paw on the trigger—

shot his master in the wrist,

saved himself and three others,

although too late for the three already

in shallow graves, because the man said

he couldn’t find a home

for his five-month-old mongrels?

How could we know

a dog can be so well-intentioned?

Terri McCord has won awards from the South Carolina Arts Commission, the Kennesaw Review, and the Poetry Society of South Carolina, and others. Her work is included in many anthologies as well as chapbooks and a full-length manuscript. Poems have been nominated for a Best of the Net and a Pushcart. She also likes to draw and paint.

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