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Another Country, from a Photograph


“I don’t want to see another picture like that on this border,” said Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), Chair of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee Washington Post, June 2019


I could try to imagine

father and daughter are

playing a secret game,

or that their backs still moved

with shallow breath or

that a laugh came from under

his shirt where he tucked in

his 23-month-old daughter

as she fell into the water

they needed to cross

into Brownsville, Texas. Two

whole months and over 1,000 miles

from El Salvador.


Her small arm crests his neck.

His left shoulder blade fits

perfectly the bend in her waist. The two

prone figures seem nestled, nested,

in the beige water, reeds circular

on the embankment.


On a different riverbank, pods

of innertubes meander by, 

pale legs like propellers,

and sunglasses glint.


Two pink and clear rafts

lie abandoned in the bridge underpass.


Window’s Reflection in Rim of a Bowl


Maybe,    shard of light, embedded

dagger, opaque tear 

in the porcelain,

rhymes with care.


A graft of the outside.


It draws me

outside, this painting of tangerines.


The fox, fur perfectly coiffed

seems taxidermied

lies more than stymied

next to only one blood bead and

entrails clean and arranged

to the side.


These sidewalks have a life of their own.


The sky is so blue today.


McCord has contributed to Juke Joint Mag before. She is a visual artist as well as poet and has published recently in Main Street Rag, Pinyon, and Slippery Elm. She has a new collection coming out in the next month or so from Finishing Line Press! She teaches art and loves pets.

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