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time for a change

As I look around, I see a world filled with hate 

Where all my fellow humans are judged by gender or race. 

Our women and children are tortured and raped 

Our brothers go hungry with no food on their plates. 

So why then do we close our eyes and turn our backs 

To the facts that the cards we've been dealt 

Have been Shuffled and stacked 

By the ones we call our leaders but in reality are just 

a bunch of liars, cheaters, crooks, and deceivers. 

We allow our children to be brainwashed at an early age 

By a public education that's designed to enslave. 

Created to alter the course of our next generation 

So they’re easier to control by our governing patrons. 

So why, brothers, do we fake blind eyes and deaf ears, 

Unwilling to fight for the rights we've been denied all these years. 

Let's come together as one people, wipe away each other’s tears, 

Join hands and muster up the courage to face our worst fears.

Let's shake our fist in their face so they'll know we are strong, 

Let’s sing “Hell No We Won't Go" as a new anthem song. 

We must stop fighting each other while the real enemies just laugh, 

Let's stand toe to toe against the rich upper class. 

It's time for a change but first we must open our eyes, 

Stop being controlled like some robot, stop accepting their lies. 

We must first see we bleed the same blood and 

Start loving one another to banish the hate. 

As brothers and sisters, let's eat off the same plate.

Timothy Wallace is a 42-year-old inmate who has been serving time for 17 years on a 40-year sentence. Born in Memphis, TN and raised in Tate County, MS, Timothy is a father of two. He enjoys writing poetry and hip-hop songs, and he is yet to be published. He is very passionate about peace and equality for all races. 

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